One of the Many Faces of Sustainability

Joel Salatin is “World’s most innovative farmer” according to Times magazine. Darren Doherty is my favourite permaculture teacher that was here in Greece a couple of years ago and took my understanding (and many others’) of permaculture, regenerative agriculture and sustainable living at a whole new level.

  • the Doherty family

    Darren Doherty and family in Polyface farm

These great thinkers, teachers and doers meet in this new biopic about the universe of Salatin’s Polyface Farm, produced by the super Heenan-Doherty family, showing us what “needs to be the new normal”. Enjoy the trailer of the movie and support it in any way you can. Because, “there are a lot people that, if they really thought they could, they would do this”.

Polyfaces trailer (Greek subtitles) from RegrariansMedia on Vimeo.


Featured image source: News Leader: Polyface Farms film screening at Visulite on Monday

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