Permaculture is an interdisciplinary applied science of design for sustainable living. It encompasses all aspects of our life, habitat, energy, food production, resilience, human cooperation and symbiosis among all living things on earth. It combines ancient with modern scientific knowledge and technology in order to manifest its ethical basis: care of the earth, care of people, setting limits to consumption and fair share of the surplus.

  • It was developed in Australia in the 70’s by Bill Mollison and David Holmgren and the word Permaculture, coined by Mollison, comes from the words Permanent Agriculture and Permanent Culture because…

    “… without permanent agriculture there is no possibility of a stable social order.”

  • Caterpillar of the Old World Swallowtail butterfly on fennel

For a more comprehensive definition, have a look at the webpage What is Permaculture, on the website of the Permaculture Research Institute of Australia.