Can we envisage a society not based on money?

Can we remember the time when people used to exchange goods and services covering a large proportion of their needs like this? Can we remember the times when people, in rural places like Paros, but even in the cities, used to grow their own vegetables in their back yard? Could we rediscover or even reinvent the joy of sharing, exchanging, without the need for money or, at least, without the notion of profit involved?

  • This weekend we have two good opportunities to contemplate all this. There is no intention to search for a utopia but to search for ways to bring back to our lives the spirit of collaboration and community, and a bit more humanity in our daily life.

On Saturday 9 April, at 20.30, come to Tao’s Center to watch the movie Living Without Money. Free entrance.

And on Sunday 10 April, the local committee of the Hellenic Society of Environment and Culture will welcome you to the Agrogarden of Parikia for a Festival of Local Seeds Exchange. The doors will open at 10.30 in the morning and the event will also have food, drinks and music.

You are all welcome.

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