The plight of the Greek bees and beekeepers

On Monday 2 August all Greek apiculturists unite to say NO to illegal agricultural spraying and environmental pollution in view of the new bill on phytochemicals presented by the Ministry of Agricultural Development.

Although there is a state law that forbids agricultural spraying before sunset and during the main blossom period and discourages the use of toxic pesticides, beekeepers all over Greece state that this law is constantly violated with detrimental effects to bee populations.

  • The importance of bees as pollinators in agriculture is largely underestimated and it seems that Greece is unaware or chooses to ignore the examples of other countries, where farmers work closely with beekeepers so that they achieve pollination of their plants. Farmers as well as the state also choose to ignore the honey bee depopulation syndrome, which recently hit the US and a big part of Europe and, although the causes are not yet fully understood, it really does not seem far-fetched to say that toxic pesticides must have played a role and that regulation in use would be benefitial.

Another example of self-destructive agriculture in action. There is no time to lose, illegal spraying has to stop.

If you wish to help the 27,000 Greek apiarists, the millions of bees doing their magnificent job out there and if you want to see less poison end up in your plate, please unite with the movement of the Greek beekeepers and send a message to the authorities and the press. Here is a the appeal that beekeepers will make on Monday 2 August and here is a link to the list of contact details of Greek authorities and major newspapers and TV channels if you wish to send the appeal.

Good luck to the bees!

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