28-31 October: Paros Seed Festival

Paros is going green again

  • We have the pleasure to invite you in a festival of reforestation and revegetation of our island using the Natural Farming method. Natural farming is a farming method developed in Japan and aims at reducing mechanical and chemical intervention in the soil and rehabilitate land degraded from conventional agriculture, overgrazing, fire and erosion.

The natural farmer sows his land with a method that is also appropriate for the revegetation of arid land. We enclose the seeds of a carefully chosen variety of seeds in little clay balls and we throw those on the land without the need to till or intervene otherwise to the soil.

In this way the seeds remain protected from birds, rodents and insects, and they start sprouting when the rainy season comes, making a start for a new ecosystem. Panagiotis Manikis is the director of the Natural Farming Center of Greece and he will come to Tao’s Center with his crew in 28-31 October. Together we will organize seminars about natural farming for the general public as well as for amateur and professional farmers, workshops of seedball production and sowings of the seedballs in Tao’s Center, in fallow land and in the Environmental & Cultural Park of Paros. For details about the schedule of the event please come back to our blog, or visit the Paros Park website and look for our printed announcements on the island.

Participation is free of charge and most welcome

For more information, please call us at Tao’s Center at 22840-28882

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