Paros Seed Festival: seedings and screenings awaiting the rain

It is a great joy to hear that people who participated in the festival have started making seedballs in earnest. We are looking forward to your photos and feedback. And if you want company to your seedings, let us know, we can post invitations in this blog.

  • A big seeding is starting Thursday morning at 9:00 in Santa Maria, near the camping site. We will sow the seeds left from the Festival in order to produce the seeds needed for next year’s grand seeding in the Paros Park. We will use both methods, the natural farming and the conventional one. We are looking forward to seeing you there! For more information, please call 6974903604.

And, at last, we have the first video of the Festival ready! Join us at Tao’s on Friday 12 November at 20:30 for the first screening.

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