Organic farming is cool (when not in big scale)

Last Sunday I visited an organic farm near Athens, Mali Veni. A beautiful space of about 20 acres, run by Christos Karapanos. The subject of the gathering was the use of

  • Huge cherry tomatoes on impressively strong plants coming from a relatively poor soil: Effective Microorganisms at work

  • EM is a concoction of naturally produced, effective, beneficial and non-pathogenic microorganisms with broad application. Christos has been using them for a few months in irrigation and compost-making and he has seen very impressive results in his production. More robust and healthy plants, fewer pests, produce of bigger size, better quality and taste, longer preservation.

One of the pioneers in organic agriculture in Greece, with twenty-year experience, Christos told us that, now that he is using the microorganisms it is more pleasant, more fun to be in the garden.

  • I confirm! Despite the scorching heat of the summer afternoon, it was very enjoyable to walk around the land and admire a vigorous, chemical-free, happy garden, to taste mouth-watering figs and grapes full of flesh and aroma. As I was watching laid-back and confident Christos walking around his garden and picking cucumbers and tomatoes while giving us a tour, it was obvious to me how agriculture could be a more attractive activity for young people if it moved away from the conventional ways.

    Especially in hard times like this… when it is still a matter of choice and not of necessity…

  • Christos is offering us his delicious grapes

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