The COP21 Timeline

  • Naomi Klein, the Canadian writer of “The Shock Doctrine” and “This Changes Everything“, reports from Paris during the COP21 Summit, in a production of Mediapart and The Nation. Five video blogs where Klein highlights the most important points and issues of the Summit, in and out of Le Bourget, explains what happened, and what will and must happen in the future. As Naomi Klein says, information is shock resistance. Arm yourself.
  • COP 21 Paris, "ligne rouge" march

    Photo: © Solidaires, Patricia Tutoy

Naomi Klein: Making the Paris Climate Talks Count

Naomi Klein: «Pas besoin d’un miracle, nous voulons une vraie démocratie

Naomi Klein: «Pendant la COP, les négociations commerciales se poursuivent»

Naomi Klein: «On force des pays à accepter leur destruction»

Naomi Klein: «Entre les lignes rouges, nous célébrons le monde que nous souhaitons»

Featured image credit: Featured image source: Inside Climate News: No Matter Who Wins, the US Exits the Paris Climate Accord the Day After the Election

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