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Permaculture in Greece is an endeavour to make this applied science of ecological design more widely known in the country. It is about an effort to create a communication platform for people who reside in Greece and are interested in or already practicing sustainable living. It is about taking care of the earth and its people, about respecting and protecting the fragile Greek and Mediterranean ecosystems, about bringing out the stunning beauty of this ancient land, full of magic memories. It is about trying to make a difference and to connect to other people, because feeling part of the world and trying to make it a better place to live for all living beings brings happiness and fulfillment.

Butterflies on oregano in the Tao's garden

Butterflies on oregano, Paros Island

About the Editor

My permaculture journey started in East Timor in 2008, when I was volunteering in a development project of the UN. What was a vague idea at the time became more solid in Bali, a few months later, where I attended permaculture seminars and workshops and worked in projects promoting sustainable use of land and resources, together with some really inspired and committed people. By then, I knew that the time had come for me to turn one more page in my life adventure, after an exciting but hectic career in cinema, advertising and web production. I went to Australia and learned from the master himself, Bill Mollison, the founder of permaculture, took a  Permaculture Design Course with B. Mollison and J. Lawton in Melbourne Uni, travelled around Australia and worked in farms getting a glimpse of sustainable living. I went back to Bali and almost settled there, but Greece was calling me.

I could not forget what Mollison replied to me when I asked him “Bali or Greece?”: “What sense does it make to go and make a paradise in paradise? How wonderful would it be to go and make a paradise in hell…” In the verge of desertification, depleted from its resources, impoverished by destructive conventional agricultural practices, violently and awkwardly entered in the “developed” world of the West, experiencing what seems to be a long and painful period of multifaceted crisis, Greece can be a perfect ground for transition, from the failed materialist-consumerist model of money-driven growth towards a more self-reliant, dignified way of life, caring for the earth and all her inhabitants.

So, here I am to take part in this transition. For the last five years I have made the Cycladic Archipelago my home, have continued my training with trully inspiring teachers and have been active in a number of projects all over Greece, permaculture consulting and designing, giving talks, organizing events and workshops on aspects and tools of sustainable living, bringing together people from the Aegean neighbourhood and slowly spreading the word in the rest of the country, meeting and collaborating with active people who want to make a difference.

And the journey goes on..

Elena Symeonidou

4 Responses to “About”

  1. Sophie says:


    I saw this film yesterday and it makes me think of your project, a global conscience is emerging.

    Good luck for your nice project.

  2. Well done Elena!
    I like the style,the topics you choose to highlight and the language you use. I believe you are off to a good start for contributing to an area that is so significant in the times we live and there is much that Greece can benefit from.
    See you soon in Paros!

  3. Nick Valmas says:

    Cool place on the web!
    Blessings for growth and expansion upon your path Elena.

  4. Elena says:

    Thank you dear friends. Please spread the word, we are all together in this!

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